• SEN (Special Educational Needs)

    First Place Nurseries strive to ensure all children are included. We believe that inclusive provision should be open and accessible to all, and we take positive action in removing disabling barriers so that all children are able to participate in all activities.

    Activities are adjusted to suit the individual needs and development of the unique child so that all children are able to reach for the same goals.

    We have a SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) based in each First Place Nursery and if your child has any special educational needs, the SENCo will work in partnership alongside the parents, key person and any other professional agencies involved to ensure your child is supported in the best way possible according to their needs.

    Whether your child already has SEN before joining us or since, please be rest assured that our approach will always be in a sensitive manner, we will meet with the you regularly and plan together, the best steps for your child’s development using the four-part support cycle, Asses, Plan, Do review.