• When the children reach three years old and move on to Jupiter their day becomes more structured and their play and learning is challenging and extended so that they are ready and eager to start school.

    Our experienced and qualified staff offer a structured programme of activities following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). All the EYFS areas are reflected in a free flow environment between the main room and outdoor classroom where the children discover and enjoy maths, role- play, construction, ICT and creative play. The children are able to participate in cooking, gardening, science experiments and music. They develop their social skills and emotional development by learning about and sharing and participating in role play and imaginative play. Many learning opportunities are provided by the dedicated team of staff who link all experiences to the child own personal interests and natural learning path. Children at this age still need the security and familiarity of special adults so the key system is still followed in this room to ensure that each child’s has planned activities individual to them. Staff interact with children to give guidance, reassurance and to extend their knowledge. As each child’s language develops, the staff support them in extending their vocabulary and to take turns in conversation. Meal times are a delight in our Jupiter room, they self-serve their own food, pour their own drinks and it’s a great time to interact with each other in social conversation. The indoor environment is age appropriate and planned carefully to maximise every learning opportunity and allowing children to self-select their own activities.