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    At First Place we maintain good relationships and links with surrounding state and independent schools. We understand how the choice of school for your child is a very important step for you and we are happy to talk through this process and support you when it’s time to think about your child going to school.   Below are some of the schools that we feed into. If the school you are interested in is not listed here please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Aldenham School
      Northwood College Junior School
    • Bournehall Primary School
      Orley Farm School
    • Bromet Primary School
      Quainton Hall School
    • Bushey and Oxhey Infants
      Radlett Preparatory School
    • Bushey Health Primary school
      Rickmansworth PNEU School
    • Edge Grove School
      Royal Masonic School for Girls Prep
    • Haberdashers’ Askes School for Girls
      Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
    • Hartsbourne Primary School
      Sinai Jewish Primary school
    • Hertsmere Jewish Primary School
      St Albans High School
    • Highwood Primary School
      St Helens Junior School
    • Immanuel College
      St Johns C of E Infant & Nursery school
    • Lochinver House School
      St Johns Prep School
    • Manor Lodge School
      St Margaret's
    • Merchant Taylors
      St Martins Prep School
    • Merry Hill Infant school and Nursery
      St Nicholas House (Abbots Hill)
    • Newberries Primary School
      Westbrook Hay School
    • North London Collegiate Junior School
      York House School
  • What our feeder schools say about us

    • The fun First Place nursery environment has structure with adventure to learn and where children at an early stage develop confidence and eagerness to learn.

    • First Place children have been given the best opportunity to make the most of their talents and interests so that when they join our school they are confident learners.

    • First Place turn out competent confident and individual youngsters.

    • First Place children are enthusiastic and have a self-disciplined approach to work and life that enable them to achieve excellent academic results.

    • We share a real understanding with First Place.

    • First Place children have joined our school for many years they are encouraged to experience first hand educational standards and the children gain outstanding levels of achievement which provides the all-round excellence that is the hallmark of First Place.

    • We are able to quickly build on the firm foundations in literacy and numeracy with First Place children as they have been taught in small groups and given individual attention.

    • First Place has a strong clear ethos a first class education with a friendly happy caring and respectful environment.