Bushey Testimonials

  •  ‘We would like to express how great we think First Place is and all the staff.  Our son is developing so well and we credit you all for that. Thank you all for being so great! We know how hard you work and really appreciate it.’
    April 2021


    ‘I can’t thank you all enough for the first two months of Coco’s time at 1st Place. She has settled in brilliantly, she is so happy at nursery and it’s all kudos to you. You were so kind and thoughtful in her first couple of weeks, learning French words, playing her favourite songs, she settled in far better than I thought and this was a huge relief. You have been so supportive and we were very grateful for the letter to support her late school application.

    I also think she has come on leaps and bounds with your style of education, learning things so fast, her writing is excellent for her age and her keenness to learn has increased.

    Coco talks about her teachers and nursery all the time at home, she even plays ‘’Jupiter Room’’ in her bedroom and always wants to show anything new to her classmates and teachers. She is very happy and we are so appreciative of everything you have done since she started. THANK YOU.’
    April 2021


    ‘Our son started at First Place Nursery from the age of 2, as a baby and has now developed into a young and polite confident boy. It has been an incredible journey and I cannot thank everyone enough for what they have done for him.

    The staff are all very friendly, caring and attentive and are highly dedicated to their jobs and the children. The children are always so happy and calm, as it is a nursery run with a lot of passion.

    Our son has always been happy and looks forward to going to nursery and always comes out happy and smiling when we go to collect him. He is always so excited to tell us what he has been up to and what activities he has participated in that day. He has learnt an overwhelming amount and has certainly come a long way over the past couple of years. He has developed many friendships with both children and staff and we never have any problems leaving him when we drop him off.

    We are very pleased to highly recommend First Place Nursery and believe it has provided the perfect foundation for him to start his school life. We cannot wait to start the journey again here with our daughter.

    Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.’
    August 2020


    ‘It was such a difficult decision to pull our little one out of his old nursery and to choose another one over Zoom. You instantly put us at ease with your professionalism, kindness, warmth and calmness. We are so thrilled that we made the impulsive and scary jump over to a new nursery setting after being at the old one with our eldest for the last 2 year. We definitely made the right choice without a doubt.’
    July 2020


    ‘I think we’re about 3 weeks into nursery since AJ has started post-COVID and I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone at First Place and in particular those who are involved with AJ/Venus. The past few months haven’t been easy for anyone and we’re all adjusting to this ‘new normal’ but you’ve made the process extremely easy from day one, by sending regular emails on how to keep the children busy to keeping us updated on relevant matters and you’ve made the ‘new normal’, very normal!

    The first week was a bit tough for AJ after spending months at home but he has settled back so nicely and quickly that he comes home saying he wants to go back to Venus, the very same day! (in a way that makes me very happy) and I can only thank those involved who have made the transition back as smooth as possible.

    You all deserve a huge pat on the back. I would really appreciate if you could pass this message on to the whole of First Place/Venus and anyone that has any involvement with AJ as I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication you have. EVERY teacher is so helpful and full of smiles, it’s just a pure joy to see AJ having a great time, so once again, thank you ever so much and have a lovely weekend.’
    June 2020


    ‘This nursery provided an engaging, stimulating, and nurturing environment for our son. He looked forward to attending every session and loved interacting with both his friends and staff; he never wanted the nursery day to come to an end. He has learned lots of new and beautiful songs in English and German too, which we think is impressive!  He loved telling us about what he learned when he went to the local park and fields with staff – perfect as our son loves engaging with the great outdoors and nature!’
    September 2019


    ‘Ria joined Nursery at approx. 18 months. It was really tough to start with as she would not let go and would cry every time we left her but the teachers were incredible and we still remember them giving her cuddles as a way for comfort, which was great for her settling in. A month or so in and she would just walk in without even saying bye to us! Since she’s been at First Place, her growth and development have come on really well – her vocabulary improved, she started to show her creative side, her confidence in activities and she learned to eat really well too! In particular, we really liked the variety of activities Ria took part in, whether it was baking, climbing in the garden, painting, reading or learning about Halloween, there was always something going on every week and she enjoyed that. We’re super happy with how First Place have helped her and hopefully will send our little one too in the future.’
    September 2019


    ‘Our son has been attending this nursery for almost year and half now. He has learned an awful lot during this time and has thoroughly enjoyed himself. The staff are very friendly and we feel he is being well looked after. There has even been occasions when he didn’t want to go home as he was having so much fun. 
    We will be sending out second son to this nursery when the time comes.’

    ‘My daughter has been very happy at First Place, Bushey and I have been impressed with the professionalism of all the staff I have been in contact with. From the very start I felt relaxed and comfortable that she was well looked after and happy while I was at work.’

    ‘I like the fact that many of the teachers are mums so can offer practical advice. Teachers are more mature and responsible than those at other nurseries who are usually very young. Here there is a good mix.’

    ‘I could not have been happier with the experience that my daughter had a First Place Nursery. She has been encouraged to develop her confidence and independence and has always been happy to attend. She has benefited from a breadth of activities, particularly her dance class, festive production, traffic awareness and the community police officers. All the staff members at First Place are friendly, cheerful and approachable. I very much appreciate the well considered advice I was given when going through the school application and admissions process. I wish First Place continued success, it is well deserved.’

    ‘The staff have coaxed my son out of being a little boy who didn’t want to be at nursery, to a boy who loves being there – which is a huge achievement – Thank you.’