• Our fifteen month old daughter has joined the First Place Nursery Beaconsfield in November 2020. The staff are very friendly, approachable and caring. They have this special connection with every child they look after. The activities that they do with the kids are very engaging and stimulating. Our 

    daughter absolutely loves being part of this nursery and always comes back home with a big smile on her face. She feels very comfortable with the members of staff. It’s amazing to see how mush she’s developed since she joined the nursery. This is an amazing place for your child!
    Ms Bagumjana
    March 2021



    My daughter attended First Place Nursery Beaconsfield from the age of 1 year up until she started school at 4.5 years old. I can’t recommend the nursery highly enough. The staff always came across friendly and engaged incredibly well with the children. They always had time to talk if you needed advice and were caring to each individual child and their differing needs. My daughter settled well at 1 year old and the calm but fun environment of the baby room was perfect for her. My daughter has been at school now for 6 months but still talks about the staff and children that she met there and the fun things they used to do. First Place gave her an incredible start for school. She has settled well at school and is flying along without a care in the world. She started reading as if she had known it all her life and we could tell that it was because of the great teaching that First Place gave to her in the pre-school room. Just go take a look, meet the staff and the superiority is obvious.
    Ms Young
    February 2021


    The team in Mars are so great and have supported our daughter in her new adventure, they care so much and want to see her develop and grow. The continuiety of staff is important to me, the Room Manager also looked after my eldest son and now cares for my daughter, she has become part of our family and shares great memories.

    Thank you for the difficult job you have been doing during Covid, the Beaocnsfiled team have kept their door open where others have not, big thank you for keeping our little ones safe, please keep going. 
    Ms Davis
    Febury 2021


    First Place Nursery in Beaconsfield has been absolutely incredible in all aspects of care. My two year old is always so happy going in and asks to go to nursery on her days off! Staff communicate so well, are so engaging and approachable. They can’t be faulted for attention to detail – my little one had some dietary needs and then was in a cast for a few weeks but staff took exceptional care of both. It’s complete peace of mind as a parent knowing your child is being well looked after. Their activities are well planned and parents are kept in the loop with daily communication. Post-lockdown, I’ve never had any concerns with hygiene or safety either. I wish I had known about this place for my older one, for whom we tried three different nurseries! It really is a gem of a place.
    October 2020


    We visited quite a few nurseries, but what stood out most at First Place nursery was how incredible the staff was with the children. The Nursery manager took us around the classes & in every class the children ran up to her giving her cuddles. She was incredibly engaging & loving with the kids and I could see that the kids were genuinely happy!

    Right from the1st day every single member of staff (who are all very well qualified and knowledgeable) have always been warm, friendly, kind, loving, accommodating & all around brilliant to us and our children. Both my children absolutely love the teachers and we are delighted with the low staff turnover as both our children are very close to the staff members. They are treated with kindness & their development has been amazing. Every child really does matter and his or her achievements are celebrated.

    The staff go all out to celebrate all sorts of events. We are regularly (pre-Covid) invited for stay and play sessions which are amazing as it gives the opportunity to spend time with them in the nursery setting with their friends and teachers. It’s is such a fun thing to do. There are even grandparent’s stay and play sessions….at the last one they all planted flowers and we had great fun watering it at home and watching it grow. (They have also dealt with everything Covid related in a brilliant manner.)

    There’s a dynamic vibe which comes with a bright, ambitious and collaborative staff and management; this nursery is way more than just ‘day care’; it’s pre-school’ from the very start! Our kids feel completely at home and are very much loved. We enjoy the the EYlog app, a Digital diary for every day and regular progress reports. They add images and videos often so we can see them playing and learning whilst leaving comments.

    Drop off and pick up is stress free with ample parking and space and the nursery couldn’t be better situated in a safe, beautiful green area close to the M40 at junction 2.

    Our kids run into nursery with a skip and a hop and jump right into the loving arms of their incredible teachers for big cuddles and always come home with fun stories, new skills, and the biggest smiles. I’m not delighted to admit but there have been times that I struggled to get them to come home J) Sending them to First Place Beaconsfield was undoubtedly one of our best decisions as parents so far!
    Sept 2020


    We have been very pleased with First Place since I first visited back in 2016. I knew my children would go there straight away, with the large outdoor space, welcoming staffing team and great room sizes the setting it a 10/10.

    I felt very comfortable leaving my children with the staff and they too were happy in their company.
    Aug 2020


    My daughter has recently joined First Place and I can already see a massive improvement in my child’s development (even after 2 weeks).

    She is loving it and I am so impressed with the amazing staff.
    July 2020


    My daughter has attended First Place Beaconsfield from the age of 1 to starting school in September. Coming from a childcare background myself, I was very fussy about which Nursery my daughter would attend. I didn’t pick first place because it was close to my home or my work. I picked it because after visiting many in the area, through my profession I felt the most confident in the care First Place could offer. They seemed to offer a low staff turn over, energetic, engaged, attentive and well qualified childcarers, confident, caring management and a fresh and bright building for the children with great resources and a lovely outside space. They have not disappointed me once. My daughter has always been shown the individual care that she needs for her personality and she has been nurtured completely during her time there and I feel they have helped her to transition to school confidently. 

    You are always met with a smile at First Place and what better way to start the day! I can highly recommend the nursery to anyone looking for great care and education for their child. 
    July 2020


    Having visited countless nurseries and experienced one with my eldest son; and as a teacher and Head of an Early Years Department, I only had to step into First Place Nursery, to know instantly that this was the place for my precious boy! From the caring management; well-resourced rooms; stunning gardens; forest school ethos and smiling, welcoming and highly-qualified teachers; to the happy, contented children and ‘home-from-home’ ambiance, I was hooked. As soon as ‘Baby Kyle’ and I joined, we loved every day of our learning adventure, through four incredible years. 

    The happy and forward-thinking staff at First Place are loyal to their company and work hard to understand, know and nurture your child. They work closely with you, sharing such genuine joy at those major triumphs; understanding the importance of these vital early years and the impact they have on your child’s development. Their dedication to each individual child is phenomenal. The global pandemic of COVID-19 only magnified the company’s ethos and genuine care for the children. Their practice included brilliant support for the children of Key Workers and – in some cases – 1:1 teaching support for children, using Google Meets! 

    I cannot recommend First Place enough and I know that you will be making the very best choice for your child when you decide to join this incredible gem of a company; whose strong values never fail to impress, leaving the parent awestruck. Being a parent is an adventure in itself, but having First Place with you, in these formative years is, quite frankly, a great investment in your child’s future, while being pure pleasure and reassurance in your present! 
    July 2020


    A huge thank you from the bottom on our hearts for everything you have done for our daughter over the last 3 years. We could not have asked for a happier, safer, more positive environment for her to grow up in, thank you to you all as our little girl is leaving inspired, educated and enthusiastic for her future. You are all wonderful people and a very special team; we could not be more grateful.
    August 2019

    Thank you so much for all you have done for our darling son over the last 3 years. He has had an amazing time and is leaving you as a very capable and confident boy with a fantastic personality.
    July 2019

    I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all from the bottom of our hearts for the care, affection and safe keeping you have given him over the years. We  remember the first day we dropped him off at 10months old and so much trust goes into leaving your first born in someone else’s care but from that day he has never once not wanted to come and over the years has made some wonderful friends and formed a lovely relationship with you all. This is a testament to the quality environment you provide, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you.
    September 2019

    I thoroughly appreciate all your effort looking after my son, he has developed such enthusiasm to learn and is exciting for the next chapter. He has really grown as an individual and has developed some great life skills. He has always been so happy to come to nursery in the morning and each and every one of you plays such a huge part in that. Thank you for all you have done, we wish you and the nursery the best fir the future.
    August 2019

    Thank you so much to the whole First Place team for your great care you provide. Thank you for your hard work and helping my son gain quality skills ready for school. Knowing he is happy and exciting to go to reception is a credit to you all.
    August 2019

    Thank you so much for looking after and nurturing our girls. They have truly metamorphosized into little girls ready to ‘explore big school’. The management team have always been excellent with scheduling and accommodating requests. Pluto team have really motivated the girls to boost their confidence of being away from family. The Jupiter ladies always have a smile on their face and very welcoming and really embraced their individual personalities. We will definitely be looking back through the EyLog photos and rekindle such great memories. Thank you again.
    July 2019