• First Place Radlett - May 2022

    Preschool have been exploring our under the tree area searching for insects. They did really well at describing what the different bugs all looked like.

    This week we have had a lot of fun celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II.

  • First Place Radlett - April 2022

    The children participated in lots of activities to celebrate Easter such as Easter egg hunts, Easter themed tuff trays and making their own cards.

  • First Place Radlett - March 2022

    The children came into nursery dressed as their favourite characters for World Book Day, participating in various story themed activities.

  • First Place Radlett - February 2022

    The children took part in a variety of activities to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentines Day at nursery

  • First Place Radlett - January 2022

    Mixing with paint, exploring different colours

    Curiosity cube – exploring cultures from around the world!

  • First Place Radlett - December 2021

    The children enjoyed a special visit from Father Christmas

    Pictures from the children’s Christmas lunch today Friday the 17th of December

  • First Place Radlett - November 2021

    Children in Need – the children came to nursery in their pyjamas and participated in lots of fun activities to help raise money!

    Children have been making Christmas decorations for the classroom.

  • First Place Radlett - October 2021

    The children helped to mix the ingredients and use jugs to pour into cases.

    Exploring the pasta and rice using fine motor skills.

  • First Place Radlett - September 2021

    Dipping apples in honey for Rosh Hashanah, to celebrate a happy, sweet new year! (Jewish festival)

  • First Place Radlett - August 2021

    Teddy Bears picnic

  • First Place Radlett - July 2021

    Learning about animals and their habitats, exploring a range of activities

  • First Place Radlett - Graduation June 2021

    Our 2021 Graduates leave us confident, happy and school ready

  • First Place Radlett - June 2021

    The children use their gross motor skills to mix the ingredients together

  • First Place Radlett - May 2021

    Mark making using paint and sand to create our own pictures

  • First Place Radlett - April 2021

    The children explored Easter themed tuff trays and they decorated Easter pictures

  • First Place Radlett - April 2021

    Mark making on the blackboard and Gross motor skills in Milky Way garden

  • First Place Radlett - March 2021

    The children came to nursery dressed as doctors/nurses, rainbow colours or Superheroes and took part in lots of fun activities to raise money for the NHS.

  • First Place Radlett - February 2021

    Pancake day – the children chose their own toppings for their pancakes.

    Chinese New Year – the children explored the different textures of the rice and noodles in the tuff tray, using chop sticks.

  • First Place Radlett - January 2021

    The children used tools (supervised) to have a look inside the ICT toys for risky play and the children did some activities for World Kindness Day.

  • First Place Radlett - December 2020

    The children enjoyed a special visit during their Christmas lunch.

  • First Place Radlett - November 2020

    The children created their own firework effects using conkers and paint.

  • First Place Radlett - October 2020

    Halloween garden – the children used magnifying glasses to explore the Halloween garden and see what they could find.

    Developing fine motor skills and coordination, the children cut the witches spaghetti hair!

    Halloween fun and dressing up!

  • First Place Radlett - September 2020

    The children celebrated the Jewish festival ‘Rosh Hashanah’, dipping apple in honey for their snack as this represents a sweet new year

  • First Place Radlett - August 2020

    The children are practicing using their fine motor skills for the pictures of the water tray and water painting on the easel using tweezers and paint brushes.

    The children also enjoyed growing and taking care of the potatoes before picking and washing them to eat for their snack.

  • First Place Radlett - July 2020

    Our Graduates enjoyed their special celebration, participating in lots of fun activities and games

  • First Place Radlett - June 2020

    Having fun in the sun. So much has grown at nursery while we have been at home. We are now using different senses to look, smell and touch the plants.

  • Radlett First Place - January 2020

    The children enjoyed participating in different activities for ‘Chinese New Year’.

    Observing the changes through the seasons in the garden.

  • Radlett First Place - November 2019

    ‘Pop’ went the bubble wrap during our finger/toe gym exercise.

    Come to our Winter wonderland and practice your mark making skills.

  • Radlett First Place - October 2019

  • It was lovely to see so many parents join us for our outdoor classroom stay & play.


  • Well done to our talented artist whose artwork has been taken through to the finals to win a star!

  • Autumn tuff tray- looking at colours, textures and changes.


  • Radlett First Place - September 2019

    In Pre school, we have been busy practising our independence skills to ensure we are ‘school ready’.

  • Radlett First Place - August 2019

  • Using our gross motor skills to pinch the tweezers and tongs together to pick up some pasta.

  • Painting on mirrors and colour mixing.


  • Radlett First Place - July 2019

    Every year we help to raise money for Watford Mencap.
    This year the children dressed as super heroes and took part in an obstacle course followed by a teddy bear’s picnic.

    Parents joined us for a  ‘United World School’ fundraising breakfast.

  • Radlett First Place - June 2019

    Radlett danceathon in aid of our charity United World Schools.

  • Radlett First Place - May 2019

    Lots of fun in our new disco room where we can sing, dance and tap out rhythms using musical instruments.

    Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the arrival of Archie.

  • Radlett First Place - April 2019

    Teddy bears picnic.

     Easter fun for the 3-5 year olds who enjoyed finding the letters in their name. 

  • Radlett First Place - March 2019

    The children looked after the duckling eggs very carefully. All five hatched and we all had so much fun seeing them grow and were sad to see them leave us to return to the farm.

    We wore odd socks to nursery to raise awareness for world Down Syndrome day.

    Lots of new, learning opportunities and so much fun and fresh air during Forest school which takes place weekly.

  • Radlett First Place - February 2019

    Welcome to the farm!

    We value our parent partnership and the children love it when parents come in to read stories.

    On one of our regular visits to Houndswood House, the children painted some clay models that the residents had made for the children in advance.