Bushey Photo Gallery

  • First Place Bushey - September 2020

    The children were invited to attend nursery dressed in their sports clothes for National Fitness Day. They participated in lots of various physical activities such as an obstacle course, running games and bats and balls

  • First Place Bushey - August 2020

    Mars children exploring their outdoor area, promoting their social skills and gross motor development

  • First Place Bushey - July 2020

    Our Preschool Graduates enjoyed their special celebration, participating in lots of fun activities and games

  • First Place Bushey - June 2020

    The children used natural resources to create an imaginative tea party whilst sailing on our boat in the garden.   

  • Bushey First Place - January 2020

    Chinese New Year tuff tray exploration and having fun mixing coloured paints on the slide!

  • Bushey First Place - November 2019

    In honour of Remembrance Day a group of children visited the local memorial gardens to lay down their poppies that they had made.

  • Bushey First Place - October 2019

    This week during our baby yoga and baby massage session the babies practised stretching their arms and legs to gain body awareness, strengthen their posture and improve their co-ordination skills using their muscles.

    This week we made samosas to celebrate Diwali.

  • Bushey First Place - September 2019

    The children delivered Harvest food donations to the Red Trust in Bushey.  The Red Trust runs a food bank for less fortunate families.

  • Bushey First Place - August 2019

    In the classroom the children used dot to dot numbers to form recognisable numerals.  

    Our preschool room have been learning to recognise and write numbers.

    They played a fun game of bingo in the garden where they were asked to roll a train down the slide of numbers and say the numbers the train collected on its way down. Some children were able to add together the numbers the train went over.


  • Using our gross motor skills to pinch the tweezers and tongs together to pick up some pasta.

  • Painting on mirrors and colour mixing.


  • Bushey First Place - July 2019

    The children had a lovely visit from Ark Farm this month. They were able to feed and pet the animals, which included a cow, sheep, goats, a rabbit, chickens and even a tortoise! There was lots of fun had by all and lots of love and concern shown for the animals by the children.

  • Bushey First Place - June 2019

    Danceathon in aid of our charity United World Schools.

  • Bushey First Place - April 2019

    During April the children enjoyed  their mummies visit for a Mother’s day stay and play.

    The children watched the chicks hatch and then cared for 11 baby chicks and went on a space rocket to celebrate ‘Space day’.

  • Bushey First Place - March 2019

    Jupiter enjoyed hanging up the bird feeders they created during their Forest School session. The children are very excited to be on the lookout for different types of birds.

  • Bushey First Place - February 2019

    Miss Zopf brought in her guitar from home and carried out a music session with the class. Miss Zopf taught the children how to sing the  nursery rhymes in German.