Beaconsfield Photo Gallery

  • Beaconsfield First Place - September 2020

    Jupiter have been learning to focus on tabletop activities, while exploring with shapes and working on their finer motor skills. They used lollipop sticks to create 2D shapes and then gluing them onto their paper

  • Beaconsfield First Place - August 2020

    Our Mars children exploring the tunnel

  • Beaconsfield First Place - June 2020

    The children taking advantage of the great outdoors, exploring in gross-motor activities

  • Beaconsfield First Place - January 2020

    To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children used chopsticks to fill up bowls with noodles, and they had a food tasting session.

    The children also painted various Chinese symbols using different coloured paint.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - December 2019

    Santa Claus came to visit us at nursery.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - November 2019

    The children were experimenting with magnets and grouped the objects into categories depending on if they were attracted or rejected by the magnet’ (stick and not stick in the children’s words)

  • Beaconsfield First Place - October 2019

    The children in Mars have thoroughly enjoyed making oat cookies and shortbread. They been introduced to weighing, scooping, mixing and patting.

    I wonder what they will make next?

  • It was lovely to see so many parents join us for our outdoor classroom stay & play.


  • Well done to our talented artist whose artwork has been taken through to the finals to win a star!

  • Autumn tuff tray- looking at colours, textures and changes.


  • Beaconsfield First Place - September 2019

    The children have enjoyed using their imagination to explore a number of tough tray materials.

  • Using our gross motor skills to pinch the tweezers and tongs together to pick up some pasta.

  • Painting on mirrors and colour mixing.


  • Beaconsfield First Place - August 2019

    Jupiter children have continued to show an interest in baking, here they have made a berry smoothie, it was delicious.

    Parents joined us for a  ‘United World School’ fundraising breakfast.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - July 2019

    The children in Jupiter enjoyed making their own fruit crumble. They chose several different fruits and measured the ingredients themselves, following the recipe.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - June 2019

    Danceathon in aid of our charity United World Schools.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - May 2019

    Our revamped ‘Mars’ room for our babies.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - April 2019

    We are supporting a local charity called  ‘greenfingers’.

    ‘greenfingers’ is a charity that helps support children in hospices around the UK. They help create fantastic outdoor spaces for the children.
    We invited our grandparents to come for a stay and plant day. We had fun planting different flowers and had a flower sale!

  • Beaconsfield First Place - March 2019

    Pluto Room

    Our Pluto children have become keen gardeners. They enjoyed filling our garden wellington boots with soil, ready for planting. We cannot wait to watch our plants grow!

  • Beaconsfield First Place - March 2019

    Jupiter Room

    The children in Jupiter have enjoyed, welcoming a police officer into their nursery environment. They enjoyed looking around the police car and trying on the uniform. The children learnt that Police Officers are here to help protect us and show us the difference between right and wrong.