Photo Gallery

  • World Book Day

    Radlett First Place - March 2018

    The children had lots of fun dressing up for World Book Day.

  • Easter Time at Bushey

    Bushey First Place - March 2018

    Our Venus class performed a Spring Concert for their families to celebrate Easter. The children sang songs and also participated in an Easter bonnet parade and competition.

  • Bushey Open Day

    Bushey First Place - March 2018

    Peppa Pig welcomed the families who joined us for our Open Day on Saturday 10th March.

  • Mother’s Day and World Book Day

    Beaconsfield First Place - March 2018
  • The Big Bushey Breakfast

    Bushey First Place - February 2018

    Bushey held a breakfast, welcoming all the parents and family members of the children to join in with this social event.

  • Stay and play morning

    Beaconsfield First Place - February 2018
  • Harwood House magic show

    Radlett First Place - February 2018

    The children joined the elderly residents of Harwood House for a puppet and magic show.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - January 2018

    The children have enjoyed experiencing different sensory activities throughout the month of January.

  • Bushey First Place - January 2018


    All children enjoyed an Art and Crafts afternoon in our nursery hall. The children accessed a variety of activities which included making valentine’s gifts from clay and salt dough, along with painting and sticking.

  • Radlett First Place - January 2018

    We celebrated Penguin awareness day on January 20th.

    After practising our Fire Drill at nursery, the children role played their own drill.

    Trialing our transition to a longer day, one of our 2-3 children mark making in the sand.

  • First Place Nurseries Awards Evening

    December 2017

    At First Place Nurseries’ Awards evening we celebrated together the successes of First Place through the past year and also highlighted outstanding individual performance.

    Radlett Nursery

  • Rising Star
    Chloe Gardiner


  • Unsung Hero
    Ita Brennan


  • Exceptional Teaching
    Gemma Brown


  • Outstanding Leadership
    Donna Shadbolt


  • Bushey Nursery

  • Rising Star
    Stephanie Webster-Locke


  • Unsung Hero
    Karen Runnacles


  • Exceptional Teaching
    Katharine Dukelow


  • Outstanding Leadership
    Natalie Cameron


  • Beaconsfield Nursery

  • Rising Star
    Vanessa Woodley


  • Unsung Hero
    Keeley Bell


  • Exceptional Teaching & Outstanding Leadership
    Carolyn Astbury

  • Nursery of the Year

    Congratulations to Radlett Nursery
  • Luna and Neptune’s Messy play madness

    Bushey First Place - November 2017

    Luna and Neptune held a messy play session, inviting parents to come along and join in getting messy. The children got to explore a variety of textures such as; shaving foam, flour, paint, cereal, hair gel and so much more.

  • Firework painting

    Beaconsfield First Place - November 2017

    Pluto children have had great fun in the garden making splatter painting for firework night.

  • The Red Trust

    Bushey First Place - October 2017

    Bushey First Place has been supporting ‘The Red Trust’ food bank this month. Our Bushey parents have been really generous by donating food.

  • Beaconsfield’s Halloween celebrations

    Beaconsfield First Place - October 2017
  • Lifesaving skills

    Radlett First Place - October 2017

    The children had so much fun learning important lifesaving skills, they understood to shout for help as loud as possible!!

    “A cold compress on a bump will make it feel better”

  • Beautiful butterflies

    Radlett First Place - September 2017

    The children enjoyed watching the caterpillars transform in to beautiful butterflies & waved them goodbye.


  • Visit from the emergency services

    Radlett First Place - September 2017

    Some of the emergency services visited nursery to talk to the children about their occupations. The children loved dressing up!!


  • Grandparents stay and play

    Bushey First Place - September 2017

    Jupiter and Venus enjoyed stay and play sessions with their grandparents.


  • Jupiter - Autumn

    Bushey First Place - September 2017

    Jupiter children are looking at the season of Autumn and are making a woodland area in their role play classroom.


  • Forest schools

    Beaconsfield First Place - September 2017

    Beaconsfield have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the great outdoors during their weekly Forest School sessions.


  • Our Zoo Lab visit

    Bushey First Place - August 2017

    Zoo Lab visited us with a selection of their mini beasts.  The children were able to hold a giant snail, a cockroach and a snake.  They were also able to look at a tarantula called Charlotte but she was not allowed to be handled as she was still in training!

  • Visit from Ark Farm

    Bushey First Place - August 2017

    We had a visit from Ark Farm who brought along sheep, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, piglets, dogs, and a calf. The children were able to meet the animals up close and learn more about them from the Ark Farm staff. Although the sun didn’t shine the children still had fun!

  • Construction site

    Beaconsfield First Place - August 2017

    The children in Pluto have been enjoying the use of their very own construction site.

  • Graduation at Bushey

    Bushey First Place - July 2017
  • Fathers Day fun at Radlett

    Radlett First Place - June 2017

    Daddies had great fun getting involved with the activities at the Fathers Day play and stay session.  

  • Fathers Day fun at Bushey

    Bushey First Place - June 2017

    Daddies had great fun getting involved with the activities at the Fathers Day play and stay session.  

  • Queen's Birthday

    Bushey First Place - June 2017

    We celebrated the Queens’s birthday by having a tea party.  Venus and Jupiter made the Queen a birthday card and they posted it, and received a lovely reply.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.09.48

  • More Forest School adventures

    Radlett First Place - May 2017
  • Easter Bunny Visit

    Beaconsfield First Place - April 2017

    The Easter bunny visits Beaconsfield.

  • Easter Chicks

    Bushey First Place - April 2017

    This Easter the children have thoroughly enjoyed a visit from some chicks.  They excitedly waited and watched the chicks hatch and checked on them daily to see how they were growing.

  • World Book Day

    Beaconsfield First Place - March 2017
  • Happy Mother's Day

    Radlett First Place - March 2017

    Mummies and Grandmas came into nursery for a stay and play with the children and the children really enjoyed planting flowers for them to take home.

  • Forest schools fun!

    Radlett First Place - February 2017
  • Christmas Carol Concert - December 2016

    Beaconsfield First Place

    Beaconsfield nursery enjoyed a Christmas Carol Concert in December. Lots of mummies and daddies came to watch their children sing some festive favourites. Mince pies and juice were served after and some parents then stayed to spend some time with their children at the Nursery.

  • Ark farm

    Radlett First Place - November 2016

    Ark Farm came to visit us on world animal day and the children were able to get hands on with all the animals. This was a great learning experience for all. We met a tortoise, a barn owl, a dog, some rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, chickens and two sugar catchers!

  • Diwali

    Radlett First Place - November 2016

    We celebrated Diwali where children dressed up in traditional costume. Diwali is perhaps the most well known of the Hindu festivals. The word Diwali means ‘rows of lighted lamps’. Diwali is known as the ‘festival of lights’ because houses, shops and public places are decorated with small earthenware oil lamps called Diyas.