Photo Gallery

  • Beaconsfield First Place - October 2019

    The children in Mars have thoroughly enjoyed making oat cookies and shortbread. They been introduced to weighing, scooping, mixing and patting.

    I wonder what they will make next?

  • Bushey First Place - October 2019

    This week during our baby yoga and baby massage session the babies practised stretching their arms and legs to gain body awareness, strengthen their posture and improve their co-ordination skills using their muscles.

    This week we made samosas to celebrate Diwali.

  • Radlett First Place - October 2019

  • It was lovely to see so many parents join us for our outdoor classroom stay & play.


  • Well done to our talented artist whose artwork has been taken through to the finals to win a star!

  • Autumn tuff tray- looking at colours, textures and changes.


  • Bushey First Place - September 2019

    The children delivered Harvest food donations to the Red Trust in Bushey.  The Red Trust runs a food bank for less fortunate families.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - September 2019

    The children have enjoyed using their imagination to explore a number of tough tray materials.

  • Radlett First Place - September 2019

    In Pre school, we have been busy practising our independence skills to ensure we are ‘school ready’.

  • Bushey First Place - August 2019

    In the classroom the children used dot to dot numbers to form recognisable numerals.  

    Our preschool room have been learning to recognise and write numbers.

    They played a fun game of bingo in the garden where they were asked to roll a train down the slide of numbers and say the numbers the train collected on its way down. Some children were able to add together the numbers the train went over.


  • Radlett First Place - August 2019

  • Using our gross motor skills to pinch the tweezers and tongs together to pick up some pasta.

  • Painting on mirrors and colour mixing.


  • Beaconsfield First Place - August 2019

    Jupiter children have continued to show an interest in baking, here they have made a berry smoothie, it was delicious.

    Parents joined us for a  ‘United World School’ fundraising breakfast.

  • Radlett First Place - July 2019

    Every year we help to raise money for Watford Mencap.
    This year the children dressed as super heroes and took part in an obstacle course followed by a teddy bear’s picnic.

    Parents joined us for a  ‘United World School’ fundraising breakfast.

  • Bushey First Place - July 2019

    The children had a lovely visit from Ark Farm this month. They were able to feed and pet the animals, which included a cow, sheep, goats, a rabbit, chickens and even a tortoise! There was lots of fun had by all and lots of love and concern shown for the animals by the children.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - July 2019

    The children in Jupiter enjoyed making their own fruit crumble. They chose several different fruits and measured the ingredients themselves, following the recipe.

  • Bushey First Place - June 2019

    Danceathon in aid of our charity United World Schools.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - June 2019

    Danceathon in aid of our charity United World Schools.

  • Radlett First Place - June 2019

    Radlett danceathon in aid of our charity United World Schools.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - May 2019

    Our revamped ‘Mars’ room for our babies.

  • Radlett First Place - May 2019

    Lots of fun in our new disco room where we can sing, dance and tap out rhythms using musical instruments.

    Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the arrival of Archie.

  • Bushey First Place - April 2019

    During April the children enjoyed  their mummies visit for a Mother’s day stay and play.

    The children watched the chicks hatch and then cared for 11 baby chicks and went on a space rocket to celebrate ‘Space day’.

  • Radlett First Place - April 2019

    Teddy bears picnic.

     Easter fun for the 3-5 year olds who enjoyed finding the letters in their name. 

  • Beaconsfield First Place - April 2019

    We are supporting a local charity called  ‘greenfingers’.

    ‘greenfingers’ is a charity that helps support children in hospices around the UK. They help create fantastic outdoor spaces for the children.
    We invited our grandparents to come for a stay and plant day. We had fun planting different flowers and had a flower sale!

  • Beaconsfield First Place - March 2019

    Pluto Room

    Our Pluto children have become keen gardeners. They enjoyed filling our garden wellington boots with soil, ready for planting. We cannot wait to watch our plants grow!

  • Beaconsfield First Place - March 2019

    Jupiter Room

    The children in Jupiter have enjoyed, welcoming a police officer into their nursery environment. They enjoyed looking around the police car and trying on the uniform. The children learnt that Police Officers are here to help protect us and show us the difference between right and wrong.

  • Bushey First Place - March 2019

    Jupiter enjoyed hanging up the bird feeders they created during their Forest School session. The children are very excited to be on the lookout for different types of birds.

  • Radlett First Place - March 2019

    The children looked after the duckling eggs very carefully. All five hatched and we all had so much fun seeing them grow and were sad to see them leave us to return to the farm.

    We wore odd socks to nursery to raise awareness for world Down Syndrome day.

    Lots of new, learning opportunities and so much fun and fresh air during Forest school which takes place weekly.

  • Radlett First Place - February 2019

    Welcome to the farm!

    We value our parent partnership and the children love it when parents come in to read stories.

    On one of our regular visits to Houndswood House, the children painted some clay models that the residents had made for the children in advance.

  • Bushey First Place - February 2019

    Miss Zopf brought in her guitar from home and carried out a music session with the class. Miss Zopf taught the children how to sing the  nursery rhymes in German.

  • Valentine’s Day

    Beaconsfield First Place - February 2019

    We celebrated the day of love. Taking part in a valentine’s day ball, making cards, having a romantic lunch and even dressing up in our fancy clothes.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - February 2019

    The nursery took part in Chinese new year, exploring in different messy play activities.  The children were able to learn to feed and play with chop sticks.

  • Radlett First Place - January 2019

    Group time for the children is a very important part of our daily routine to prepare.

    During group time the children walked around nursery with their clip boards and pens to see if they could find any object that were the same shapes as on their paper.

  • Beaconsfield First Place - January 2019

  • We have been busy making a bug hotel in our garden.

  • Exploring the snow in the messy tray.

  • Bushey First Place - January 2018

    The children enjoyed playing in the snow, whilst creating snowballs and building a snowman.  

  • Bushey First Place - December 2018

    The children from the Pre-School class performed a variety of Christmas songs for their families.

  • Marble Milk Painting

    First Place Bushey - December 2018

    The children in Jupiter have been carrying out lots of experiments this month. One of the experiments they did was called marble milk painting. The children poured oat milk onto a tray and using the pipette they dropped food colouring of their choice into the milk. Using white paper, they laid the paper inside the tray whilst mixing it gently around the tray. The children then held their paper up and could see the marble effect picture they had each made.

  • First Place Beaconsfield - December 2018

    Jupiter children enjoyed a visit from Mrs Woodley’s new puppy.

    The children enjoyed a visit from Santa at their Christmas Party. He also left a bit of a mess in our hall which we all went to investigate!

  • First Place Radlett - December 2018

    The children worked together to measure how much paper was needed to wrap their presents and to cut the paper and sellotape accordingly.

    How long will it be, until Santa comes down the chimney?

  • First Place Beaconsfield - November 2018

    The children went for a walk around Wilton Park. They loved playing on a tyre swing and enjoyed playing football.

  • Working in partnership with the community.

    First Place Radlett - November 2018

    We helped the Brownies to make some poppies to create a river of poppies, marking 100 years since the end of World War 1.

  • Can we fix it?........ Yes we can!

    First Place Radlett - November 2018